Different forces which can be identified using a PESTLE analysis are influencing ecosystems of businesses and non-profit organisations.

Create a PESTLE analysis map to inform strategic business decisions - Bogdan Ciocoiu

PESTLE stands for political, economic, societal, technological, legal, and environmental forces. We recommend that organisations review their strategic plans by identifying in-flight PESTLE forces and aligning them with business objectives and operating principles.

We can help you identify the relevant sources which are likely to affect the development of an organisation, programme, or project and position them in a structured way based on their impactvelocity, and trajectory.

Once we set up a map of change factors, the CXO will benefit from a clear visual perspective of the future considerations that should influence the decision-making process and strategy development activities.

Risk management is critical to controlling operational costs and focusing on expansion and improvement rather than mitigation and implementing corrective actions. Keeping an eye on a comprehensive and up-to-date PESTLE map enables the C-Suite to avoid or mitigate risks by making early strategic decisions with minimal financial impact.

The alternative could be to pursue a specific strategic decision without analysing any environmental factors of disruption that might add additional burdens to a business. One may look at existing or former companies that also failed to adapt to external disruption, leading to the loss of market share and its competitive advantage.

Next steps:

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At a minimum, we will develop a complete analysis and produce a map of PESTLE forces that will likely interject with your organisation and influence how it develops.

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