Being involved in a situation with legal implications where you might have to write a witness statement or even a victim statement can be a daunting experience.

Witness statements can be related to your social life or may involve an organisation you worked for or a change that took place recently at your workplace, mismanaged to your detriment.

The purpose of such statements is to capture the relevant events which generated the legal matter as well as the post-trigger effects. The format is a succinct narrative, so there will be no bullet points as such. However, the structure needs to be straight-forward and include only relevant details.

When read out in the Courts, any witness statement or victim statement will be criticised and scrutinised by the defence party or by the respondent, and so it is essential that you set out your thoughts as clearly and as consistently as you can, throughout the document.

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We are not solicitors, and this is not a legal service. We do have experience writing witness statements or victim statements and we recognise that the true value of such a document comes from the witness/victim herself/himself. Therefore, all we are doing is recommending a set of guidelines to ensure the correct formatting and readability exists.

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