The Financial Ombudsman (FOS) plays a pivotal role for individuals. It is an impartial intermediary, resolving disputes between consumers and financial service providers (Financial Ombudsman Service, n.d.). Moreover, the FOS ensures financial institutions maintain high standards and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Firstly, understanding the key elements to consider when submitting a claim is crucial. As a starting point, individuals should determine if their financial claim falls under the FOS’s jurisdiction. Furthermore, it is essential to comply with the FOS’s time limits; typically, claims should be filed within six years of the event or three years from when the complainant becomes aware of the issue.

Financial Ombudsman claim chronology

In addition, ensuring a claim’s success entails providing a comprehensive account of the dispute, including the relevant supporting evidence. Lastly, exhausting the financial provider’s internal complaints procedure before approaching the FOS is mandatory.

As a consultancy, our expertise lies in assisting individuals in submitting well-structured, compelling claims. We achieve this by employing a proportionate approach to claim to word, ensuring the narrative is compelling and concise. Moreover, our team of experts specialises in collating and integrating the necessary evidence, making it easy for the FOS to assess and reach a fair resolution.

To further bolster our client’s chances of success, our consultancy offers tailored services, incorporating commercial and employment dispute insights. Additionally, our IT expertise enables us to navigate the complexities of technology-related claims. Thus, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive service package to clients.

FOS safeguards safeguarding individual consumers’ rights. By understanding the critical elements of claim submission and leveraging our consultancy’s expertise, individuals can maximise their chances of securing a favourable outcome. Our bespoke services ensure a seamless and successful claims process for our clients.

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Financial Ombudsman Service (n.d.) ‘What we can help with’, Financial Ombudsman Service. Available at: (Accessed: 21 March 2021).

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