Organisational fit gap analysis is critical for identifying gaps between the current state of an organisation and its desired state. By undertaking a series of studies, we help organisations understand where they stand and what needs to be done to achieve their goals. In our evaluation processes, we use using personas and market scenarios. The former represents senior stakeholders from the organisation, and we accomplish the latter using the PESTLE framework.

Our teams will gather and assess data specific to an organisation’s processes, systems and people. We identify the gaps and suggest solutions to bridge them; thus, we develop a time-based roadmap.

A business capability is a function or process a business can perform to achieve its objectives; therefore, business capabilities can include operational, strategic, and technological competencies. Effective capabilities enable firms to deliver value and achieve their goals. A capability is a cross-functional concept that spans the entire organisation.

Fit gap analysis and business analysis

Functional fit gap analysis is also important because it involves evaluating the current operational capabilities of an organisation. By undertaking this analysis, we identify misalignments, which enables us to consider mitigation.

Our functional fit gap analysis approach is centred on business analysis; therefore, we also lean on process modelling, stakeholder analysis, and requirements gathering. We then work with our clients to develop a plan to close the gaps by comparing them with industry standards or the competitor landscape.

We find that capability fit gap analysis is critical for associations wishing to mobilise a new capability. Therefore, evaluating its landscape of functional capabilities becomes necessary. In addition, we also recommend identifying the skills needed to achieve strategic goals; therefore, workforce analysis becomes an essential component. As we improve our understanding of the organisation, we construct a capability development plan and an improvement roadmap using data.

Our consultants offer comprehensive services to help clients bridge the gaps between their current and desired states. We work with clients from diverse industries to develop a tailored approach that meets their needs.

We can undertake an organisational fit gap analysis because we have a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record in helping institutions identify and close gaps between their current and desired states. Our structured and rigorous approach support organisations to develop business resilience by leveraging emerging technology with traditional organisational transformation programmes.

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