Can you access the right data to provide meaningful insights for the C-Suite? - Bogdan Ciocoiu - information management

Business analysis and information management go hand-in-hand to enable the C-suite to make informed decisions about the future of organisations. 

The business analysis leverages a suite of tools and methodologies required to analyse the firm’s current state, the interactions within the organisation, and any potential forces of change. Information management compensates by providing structured data in the business analysis process. Using data, business analysts can advance recommendations to the CXO and board members, enabling them to make informed decisions based on factual information.

Information management and data analysis can occur in non-technical organisations and tech-savvy firms. Data handling is as helpful as business analysts can make it, which means that should big data be leveraged and interpreted, the C-suite can make informed decisions based on past trends and patterns, which otherwise would be difficult to spot.

Information management connects multiple areas of the value chain and the supply chain to conserve the integrity of the data as it passes from one organisational layer to another. 

We help organisations identify and interpret various data sources based on background and operational activity to draw valuable insights to enable their C-suite to make informed decisions.

We have experience working with multiple data sources and databases, and we can embed data cuts into data visualisation environments or leverage BI capabilities to draw valuable insights and forecast future trends.

Alternatively, we can process complex calculations using existing data and information about the sources of long-term value generated within your organisation and financial and non-financial KPI metrics. While running different scenario tests and deep-dive business analyses, we will inform the business decision-makers with intelligence to help the C-suite make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Next steps:

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Business analysis and information management are bespoke services, and advertising them as off-the-shelf solutions would not be easy. Therefore, send us a quick brief. Let us connect, talk and exchange thoughts on a case-by-case basis.

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