Consultancies, project or programme delivery teams often use the benefits of an integrated summary plan on a page. This concept refers to a succinct one-page visual representation that sets out a long-term delivery plan spanning over 12-18 months of activities. An integrated summary plan representation will also show the workstreams and the points of collaboration between them to achieve a common goal.

Plan on a page documents create transparency and help delivery teams - Bogdan Ciocoiu

A plan on a page will leverage the Y-axis to highlight a timeline such as weeks, months or quarters and use symbols to reflect the deliverables and the roles and responsibilities of the executive teams. PowerPoint or Keynote are the primary tools used to create integrated summary plans and technical programme and project delivery reports because of the ease and level of flexibility.

Notably, Microsoft project or alternative tools such as Assana, Teambox, Jira, Primavera, Microsoft Planner, Power BI, Tableau or others can also represent individual formats for similar plans. However, using PowerPoint or Keynote is highly efficient, given that project and programme plans might require a high level of flexibility.

Planning dashboards also allow for complete flexibility in terms of the themes they use, which means that should there be any preference in terms of corporate colours or the colour scheme, using PowerPoint or Keynote will provide that level of flexibility to leverage any colour scheme, including your client’s template, corporate colours, symbols and fonts.

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We will ensure that any integration between work streams or projects highlights existing dependencies and set out roles and responsibilities, quality assurance checks, and sign-offs for all deliverables and artefacts.

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