Delivering change projects or programmes, in general terms, requires throughout many activities, setting out a succinct vision on a single page/screen using Microsoft Planner, Scrum or Kanban boards. 

Bogdan Ciocoiu - Microsoft Planner, Scrum, Kanban boards

The purpose of these visual control methods and tools is to help stakeholders visualise what is outstanding, what blockers exist, and to encourage for collaboration and brainstorming. 

It is a fair assumption that a comprehensive work breakdown structure (WBS) of all activities must be set out at the beginning of the project/programme, to inform detailed reporting. However, having an exhaustive list of tasks such as a Gantt structure doesn’t exclude having a Microsoft Planner, Scrum or Kanban boards.

We recommend that both control products are maintained in parallel to inform stakeholders who seek detailed information as well as those who need high-level reporting.

Benefits of using Microsoft Planner, Scrum or Kanban boards:

  1. Creating custom ‘buckets’ which can refer to programme/project phase, business units, priorities, milestones;
  2. Quickly allocating owners, due dates, and prioritisation criteria;
  3. Tracking progress by way of writing commentary under each object;
  4. Loading a variety of views including list, calendar, board with virtual post-its;
  5. Technological advantages by exporting/importing data from various formats;
  6. Email reminders for when actions become overdue or when they are due to start;
  7. Ability to move tasks from one ‘bucket’ to another as seen fit during stand-ups or sprint planning sessions;
  8. Ability to add commentary with lessons learnt to improve the organisation knowledge retention and management.
Bogdan Ciocoiu - Microsoft Planner, Scrum, Kanban boards

Next steps

If you are interested in creating a suite of Microsoft Planner, Scrum or Kanban boards, fill in the form below with your details and set out in broad terms the size of the project/programme.

If you have already created lists of actions, consider reflecting on how you can structure them as buckets based on business unit, milestones, user story or epic achievement.

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